Ingestion of essential oils can be a controversial topic. I believe that this is so because most are not referring to pure essential oils. It is for this reason, that we only advise using Young Living Essential Oils.

The labels, on each bottle of essential oil, actually contain instructions on recommended methods of administration. Like plants, NOT ALL oils are recommended to ingest. It’s always important to follow the recommended dosage on individual product labels before taking oils internally.
These oils can be added to water, tea, or taken in a capsule. When adding to a drink, use only glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. Do NOT use plastic, because many of the oils that we ingest, like citrus oils,  eat petrochemicals.

Adults can make rectal or vaginal suppositories with oils diluted with a carrier oil in a capsule before bed or lying down for a few hours.  This can give 100% absorption as opposed to orally, which is 70-80% absorption.  Please dilute your suppositories with a carrier oil like olive oil because some essential oils are hot.

Of course, using essential oils in DIY cleaning products, beauty recipes, or personal care items is another simple way to utilize the power of essential oils. You can find recipes in our member resources section.