Below is a helpful list of third-party websites to help you along your new life with essential oils.

Information - She has amazing recipes and videos to learn from - These are Young Living only testimonials - Business Builder Calls - Research based info on essential oils - Manage your downline effectively - Detailed reports to help build your downline - Edit and build your own approved graphics - Resources for oil education

Brochures and Accessories - This is a very reasonably priced site to purchase accessories such as glass bottles, rollers, spray bottles, pumps, containers, etc. They also sell brochures and books (better prices in bulk, so find a friend) - Great brochures and books. This company makes reference books that are a must have for learning long-term. Only addresses Young Living products and the larger version includes supplements as well as oils. Also has great instructions on application techniques and MUCH more! Great investment! (smaller version only includes the oils) - Brochures, books, banners, accessories. - Brochures, books, banners, accessories. - Find anything about Young Living FAST! - Business Builder Calls


Oily Tools  - Predict your paycheck, pull reports on your downline, and more.
Drop Shots - create your own oily memes
Marketing Scents Mobile - Manage your Marketing Scents account on the go.
Oily App - Your mobile guide to essential oils. Gift this to your new enrollees for only $3
Oily Recipes - A great place to learn more about YL oils and recipes.