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Advanced Tips:
* Lemon EO removes many stains, including blood and sticky substances.
* Ants & fruit flies dislike Peppermint EO.
* Apple Cider Vinegar (1tsp) with a drop of honey & lemon can boost energy levels and immune system.
* Floral singles (Ylang Ylang) or blends (Joy) applied to heart can be soothing & uplifting. Combine with lemon or orange EO to balance/enhance effects.
* Orange, Frankincense, & Blue Tansy support Nervous, GI, and Musculoskeletal Systems.
*Sensitive skin( light skinned, elderly, and youth): Start with a heavy dilution until sensitivity is determined. If sensitivity does occur, dilute with carrier oil (NOT WATER).
* Drinking EO: Use only 1 drop in 1L and place in stainless or glass container. Only add oils recommended for ingestion on the label; and CAUTION when ingesting while on prescription medications. Consult with a qualified health care professional.
*ONLY ingest YL oils! The "Seed to Seal" guarantee ensures you are consuming 100% PURE EOs. NO other company has this guarantee.
* Storage: Glass containers. Oils may pull toxins and degrade plastics, especially citrus oils. Chemical grade cleaning bottles are suitable for household products. Use only glass for products used on person.
*Why are the tops and rollers plastic? The dropper orifice & roller ball tops are made of a very high quality material. The oils are not meant to have constant contact with the tops. Store all oils upright at all times.
* Always follow dilution and administration instructions of labels and reference materials.
*Drops recommended in recipes are just a "recommendation". Experiment, have fun, and enjoy your new oils!
* Epilepsy: EOs to avoid: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Peppermint, & Rosemary
*Detoxification can occur with new, neat, or strong applications. If detox reaction occurs apply lemon to the liver, drink plenty water, and dilute the area of initial application with a carrier oil.
* If you experience ANY adverse reaction to an EO or ANY YL product, contact product support at YL. They will refund the product, with no receipt or time frame necessary. They will also use the information to further their research and improve upon the product.
* Repulsed by an odor: If initially you do not like an EO, apply to the vita-flex point on your feet, or try a heavier dilution.
*Myth: If you don't like an oil, you don't need it. If you like an oil, you need it.
* If a bottle has a "rancid" smell when you first open it, leave it open for a few minutes then try to smell again. Like a wine need to "breath", so do some oils.